Twine Adventure

I found that twine was pretty easy to use. Once I figured out how to link the pages it was a breeze. I choose to write about when my mom was attacked by a bear in 2016. There were a lot of people who played different roles and who knew different things at different times. I thought that Twine would be a good way to piece the stories together.

I really enjoyed looking through other people’s posts about how they used Twine. I’ve always been fascinated by choose-your-own-adventure stories when I was younger so I thought that was an excellent use of the application.

I am curious if there is a way to link between pages that are not created one from the other? I don’t believe I saw anyone else successfully do that either so I am not sure if that is something that can be done. I feel like you could so some cool story telling with Twine or a similar tool. It gives the writer interesting ways of exploring a narrative and the reader the ability the make choices about how they engage in the story.


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