4- H Timeline


I give up (as I see see some of my peers have done) and will just include the link to my timeline. I just kept getting an error message.

Creating the timeline itself went with only a few small hitches. I took a minute to figure out how to edit the timeline and then view my progress. This just took a bit of scrolling up and down and clicking on links until I got to the right place.

My next challenge was integrating media. I was somewhat successful, though it was not including the links to website resources that I added.

The topic I chose was the history of 4-H in Canada. 4-H has helped to shape generation of agriculture in Canada and across the world. My grandpa, my aunt, my siblings, and myself have all gone through the program. I joined the program in 2014 at the 100 year anniversary of 4-H in Canada. 4-H has been a part of many young lives, and members often continue to participate a leaders for many years.

After this class work, I am definitely going to see if I can include a timeline in my mapping project. I enjoyed looking at the examples included in the media. People have done some pretty cool things with chronological data organization!


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